Letter: The heart, spirit and soul of Columbus filled with more generosity than evil

As a Columbus resident, I’ve spent the better part of my adult life witnessing the soul that makes this city thrive — our community.

Columbus is the city where residents of Linden gather on hot summer days to repair a neighbor’s home, because it’s the right thing to do. Columbus is where community activists from the Northwest neighborhood rise with peaceful signs and bold hearts to ensure access to green space for future generations. Columbus is where businesses in the city’s core put their employees and community first. Collectively, they encourage rides to end cancer and dance marathons to cure the most devastating of childhood illnesses. Columbus is where residents on the South Side rally with local nonprofits to feed those who are hungry.

Yes, we have our challenges.

But, in the heart, spirit, and soul of this city lies a community filled with far more generosity and good than evil.

Strong neighborhoods are the bedrock of any community. And, in Columbus, we cultivate the best.

Sophia Fifner, Columbus

Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch

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